A Quick Detox Cleanse: the 7 secrets to making it easy

Hi, I’m Soula, and I’m passionate about detoxing. But I know a Quick Detox Cleanse can seem like a big ask if you’ve never tried it. So here are the 7 secrets that make it incredibly easy to do.

1. Set aside 3 days, probably including a lazy weekend, and make it a special pamper time for yourself that includes a quick detox cleanse instead of putting your detox cleanse front and centre. Just remember it’s all part of pampering yourself. Here’s your ‘Quick Detox Cleanse’ that will revitalize and detox your body.

quick detox cleanse

2. Make a list of all your favorite pampering activities, They might include getting a facial if you’re a gal. or having a swim if you’re a guy or vice versa Make sure when you look at that list of what you’re going to do for yourself over your 3 days, your heart sings.

3. You’ll be really able to enjoy your 3 day pamper session if you get everything ready first. Because then for a whole 3 days you don’t have to think about anything except indulging yourself. I’ve included this ‘3 day Quick Detox Cleanse Checklist’ so you can get everything organised for your quick detox.

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4. Remember a detox is not a marathon, a competition or an endurance test. It’s about looking after yourself the best way you know how. So have healthy snacks you can indulge in if you feel you need a little more than juices. Think fresh fruit you can get your teeth into like shiny green apples and crunchy vegetables like carrots and capsicums.

5. Make sure that the juices you make up are really tasty for you. Each one of us is different right? So what will taste great for one person won’t for another so follow the programme and look forward to every juice you have by making sure they’re delicious. Drink and eat slowly and really savor the taste and the sensation of each juice or the aromatic smell of your vegetable broth.

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6. When you drink each juice or have your bowl of hot vegetable broth, thank yourself for taking such good care of your body. And thank your body for all the hard work it does looking after you.

7. As you go along make note of what you will do more of next time and less of too. Remember this is about making your pamper time, which includes your quick detox cleanse, very special and nurturing.

So happy pampering and detoxing and enjoy your good health. Send me your great ideas about how to make your 3 day pamper fest extra enjoyable Soula.

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