Detoxing is all about super health and super slimness

Hi here’s Soula, and it’s great to connect with you again. I’m always stunned when some people see detoxing as a deprivation. For me it’s all about adding to my life. It’s adding in feeling vigorous, healthy and full of beans.

7 super food for your diet

And its adding in beautifully clear skin and a heightened sense of smell. And best of all its adding in a svelte, trim figure as those excess pounds roll off. Check out the 7 super food for your best diet.

Boy or boy do I like my life all filled up with the benefits of a detox cleanse and I can’t wait for you to try it too. I’m dying to know about your detoxing experiences and whether you’re permanently on a detox diet or whether you do a detox cleanse at particular times.

I mainly detox to stay super healthy BUT I don’t mind that keeping slim is such a breeze when I’m eating healthy all the time. I mean, I can’t help feeling like a winner when I get to drink one fabulous juice after another. And I get to eat tasty meals just packed with goodness and even luxuriate in scoffing down ‘sumptuous desserts’. AND all the time I lose weight. You can too, it’s easy. You can eat as much as you like….of all the foods that keep you healthy.

It’s pretty fab, finding such an easy way to lose weight. I thought I was just stuck with my weight. After all I had tried everything and it had failed. Yet when I started detoxing the weight just fell off. But it haven’t been about depriving myself of food, not at all. I eat until I feel full at each meal, but the amazing thing is what I eat fills me up more quickly and completely so it’s never a hardship to go longer between meals when I’m doing a detox cleanse.

Mind you I know to treat myself: eating double portions of the food I enjoy the most and simply not eating anything I don’t enjoy. I know for sure detoxing is NOT about deprivation. So look after yourself AND lose weight., You’ll love it. Write and tell me about your favourite detox recipes so I can share them around with everyone. Soula

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